This is a very short quick-install-guide. This text should enable you to install commerce until that state that you can use it. It's very short and not the final manual. This is just for the beta release and will be improved for the final documentation.

1) Please create the following pages:
    Content for empty basket
    Content for empty checkout
    User (sysfolder)
    addresses (sysfolder)

2) Please install the following extensions:

3) Installation:

- After installation, set Page-ID for Invoice = new created pid "Invoice" and Preview Page Type = new created pid "productlist" and all other settings like email as you wish

- You have also the possibility to enable the "simpleMode". This mode is for very basic shops. In the simple mode every product has only one article with one price. You don't have to create any attributes or attribute values. All products will be described by there properties like "description", "title" etc.

- Create a TS Template in your "Shop" page.
    - add the Static Template "COMMERCE"
    - Change pid's in the constants editor (with in the beginning created pages)

4) Insert Plugins:
    Productlist -> commerce: ProductList    (options will be documenteted later)
    Basket -> commerce: Basket
        CODE -> QUICKVIEW is used for a quickview and can be insert somewhere manually
        empty is default basket
    Checkout: -> commerce: Checkout
    AddressManagement -> commerce: Address Management
5) Create attributes
Use the "Systemdata" module in section "commerce" to create some attributes and assign some values. Please keep in mind, that you can create articles only from "select attributes" or without attributes!

6) Create categories
Use the module "Categories" to create new categories. Please notice, that the selection of the parent categories does not work very well yet. Please don't try to assign a parent category that deeper than on level 2 (:-/)
On the sheet "select attributes" you can assign the former created attributes to the categories.

7) Create products
In every category you can now create products. The attributes will be enritat from the parent categories. You can now define your products by inserting some additonal stuff like description etc.

8) To create articles, select the sheet "articles" and there select the subsheet "producible articles". You will see a matrix of possible articles. This matrix is build up from the assigned select attributes. Check the articles you want to create and click the save button. After the page has been reloaded, the created articles can be found on the sheet "existing articles".
There you can edit every article to add additional information and / or add additonal prices.